Welcome to the Salisbury Social Club


The main purpose of the club is as a social club where local people can come and enjoy all the facilities in a comfortable and safe environment.

The club was established in 1897 when a group of businessmen got together and decided that they would like to form a club, They met regularly at a local ale house and formed a basic set of rules together with an objective  of what they wanted to achieve.

The first key item was funds and being socially minded they each donated a sum of money to cover the initial expense of registering a friendly society and producing the various items required to advertise the existence of such a club.

Thus the Club was formed.

The club was named The Salisbury Conservative Club after Lord Salisbury who was Prime Minister at the time the Club was formed and later the club joined the ACC which affiliated it to 935 other clubs throughout the Country.

In 2018 the club became known as The Salisbury C.C. Social Club

The club is run by a Management Committee, the members of which are elected by the club membership. This consists of the Club President, Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Treasurer, Club Secretary, Assistant Club Secretary, Social Secretary and 12 Committee members.

The club is managed on a daily basis by the Club Steward under the guidance of the Club Secretary & Club Treasurer.


Introducing Kelly Digweed, our  steward